We're a female-founded production company that prides itself on approaching production, branded content and just about everything a little differently than the rest. As Entrepreneurs we understand the business of content, as Talent we understand passion for sharing a story, as Producers we bring it all together to create something pretty incredible. We specialize in unscripted content. Home reno and DIY is where we earned our chops. We have an unmatched passion for branded content. We thrive and are energized by Live TV. We’ve proven corporate can be cool. We like to think that even after all these years, we’re still just getting started. We’re glad you’re here. Let’s create something together!

We believed production could be done differently.
Spoiler Alert. We were right...



Here's what we do...

Some clients we've worked with:

With a strong background in network tv unscripted series (our team has produced thousands of episodes of every type of show) we know how create successful, story-driven docuseries. One day we had this idea at EC2 - let’s do network style series, but do it specifically for brands - and instead of putting the episodes on a network, let’s put them on the brand’s own platform and grow it...

What if a brand could have their own show instead of just a commercial during one...


We’ve produced hundreds of segments for Live! With Kelly and Ryan, The Today Show and The Rachael Ray Show on just about every lifestyle subject - from Home Design to Gardening to Healthy Eating to Tailgating to Holidays - you name it, we’ve done it. Live and well.  

A single guest appearance ignited a passion for creating amazing live TV... 


Our passion and new ideas about branded content are what wakes us up in the middle of the night and rightfully so. Industries are just beginning to scratch the surface of branded content can be!  We’re strong believers in the power of digital media and love to partner with brands to explore marketing in a whole new way. Creative entrepreneurs at our core, our dream clients share our passion for thinking differently and creating something uniquely effective. As traditional advertising continues to evolve and change, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of that change.  

We might be a little obsessed with branded content, but in a really good way...


Choosing someone to represent your network or brand is a big decision. We’re always working with and developing new on-camera talent for various productions. Need a host or expert for your brand or series? We got you! Have a unique skill set or job that you think would make you a good fit for a cool series/feature/brand spot/documentary? Give us a shout.

We know that it takes talent to find
good talent… 

On-Air Talent 

We know our way around the C-Suite at a Corporate HQ. We’ve created a wide array of engaging and entertaining, brand-building content for several Fortune 50 companies, Professional Sports teams, and Nonprofits. Internal or external, digital and social, we spend time learning about your company, your core values and will always represent you well.  
Looking for some brand goodwill and awareness? Need to inform your employees about a new internal initiative? Need broll of your employees doing great things? We can help!

Corporate content doesn't have to feel "corporate" unless of course you want it to...


Looking to capture some good ol’ cinematic imagery? From a dolly to the air, from a slider to a chair (that might not sound like it makes sense, but in the production world it does. Trust us!) We got that B-Roll! Or can get that B-Roll, more specifically. Shall we discuss how we can masterfully portray your project/brand/company? We think yes.

We've got that Broll ... Or can get it for you!


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