Full Service Production Company? Check. Nationally Recognized Lifestyle Expert? Yes She Is! Network Television? You Betcha! Branded Content? We Love it! Live TV? 100s of Segments Under our Belt.  Basically, if you're looking for creative content...
We've got you covered. Let's work together!

Looking for something creative?
We've got you covered!


Whatcha here for?

We're a female-founded production company that prides itself on approaching production, branded content and just about everything a little differently than the rest. As Entrepreneurs we understand the business of content, as Talent we understand passion for sharing a story, as Producers we bring it all together to create something pretty incredible. We specialize in unscripted content. Home reno and DIY is where we earned our chops. We have an unmatched passion for branded content. We thrive and are energized by Live TV. We’ve proven corporate can be cool. We like to think that even after all these years, we’re still just getting started. 
We’re glad you’re here. Let’s create something together. 

We believed production could be done differently.
Spoiler Alert. We were right...

about EC2 Productions

Monica started out as a blogger (back before blogs were cool) sharing her late night DIY projects. Her passion for sharing creative ideas led her from blogging...to hosting TV shows... to helping others produce creative content.  The OG DIY blog is still kickin' and filled with 1000's of ideas.  Are vintage blogs a thing? If not, we think we just made it one. Click below to check it out! 

Creativity is at our core, sharing it with others is our passion 


We’re a collective of experienced and talented professionals. A skilled team with great attitudes that always get the job done... and enjoy the process (AKA we do a bang up job and have fun while we do it!) We’re the type of people you’ll actually want to work with! 

Producers. Stylists. DP’s. Talent. Editors. Designers. Artists. Wizards. 

about OUR team

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