Monica is the face of East Coast Creative who expertly delivers live tv segments to millions of viewers across various networks. Her ease and relatability builds instant connection with hosts and audiences making her segments natural and engaging. What you might not know is that behind the scenes our team seamlessly concepts, pitches, designs, art directs and coordinates each element of every segment you see. That chicory root infused coffee? Made it. That Halloween haunted house? Built it. The perfect hands-on demo setup? Designed it. We get it done on crazy tight deadlines, everytime and the best part… we love every step of the process! Check out some of our work below and if you’re a show or brand that would like to work together- we’d love to chat! 

Taking care of every detail from pitch to execution...


The team at Live! feels like family at this point! East Coast Creative began producing Live! segments 5 years ago. We've built a strong relationship with the Live! Production team and have created countless original segments for the show on a wide variety lifestyle topics. Our beautiful segment presentation coupled with Monica’s on-camera presence and the rapport she’s built with the hosts is why we’re asked back time and time again. In addition to various seasonal topics, East Coast Creative has an ongoing partnership with the show - Live! Bargains. Each month, Monica shares shoppable product deals that are tailored to Kelly and Ryan’s loyal viewers!    

Live! Kelly and Ryan



Monica on Live...

Boy do we have fun doing the Today Show! We’ve taught Hoda and Kathy Lee how to throw the Ultimate Football Tailgate and how to host a ‘Noon Years Eve’ party for kids. We’ve floored Andy Cohen with some awesome fall front door ideas and even inspired Jeanna Bush how to celebrate ‘Merica with a festive July 4 party! And then there was that time we showed the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt how to use Pinterest (for real). We love partnering with the incredible styling and food teams at Today to make our over-the-top segment ideas come to life!

Today Show



Monica on Today...

We thrive in front of a live studio audience and The Rachael Ray show always has a fun audience! Their art department always help execute our creative ideas with precision and... they’re always cooking up something amazing in the studio, so it smells so amazing. HUGE plus in our book.  

Rachael Ray

On-Air Talent

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