An original series collaboration with Lowe's Home Improvement, The Weekender is a DIY Makeover Series from East Coast Creative Productions hosted by Monica Mangin.  Season 1 follows Monica as she helps homeowners and renters take The Weekender Challenge: 



EPISODE ONE: Concrete Jungle patio

DIY daredevil Monica Margin tackles a neglected patio in the heart of NYC, where large outdoor living spaces are incredibly hard to come by. For years, Tess and Barry have talked about turning their ugly, underutilized patio into a beautiful, useful extension of their home. Can Monica pull off a total transformation in just two days?

EPISODE two: philly row house

Carla and her family are tired of the dated design and poor functionality of their traditional Philly row house. They're hoping Monica can "wow" them in just one weekend with some stylish and sophisticated enhancements. She works on making the space current... starting with that stubborn red tile.

EPISODE three: renter's reno

Fashion blogger Davita has a serious sense of style, but her and Sheldon's drab apartment doesn't reflect that at all. Monica and Sheldon work all weekend to surprise Davita with a home makeover. The catch is this is a rental, so the updates can't be permanent. Monica explores 'removable' style, proving that you don't have to own it to OWN it.

EPISODE four: massive master

Sometimes, square footage can be your biggest enemy. Aaron and Becca wanted a lot more space to raise their growing family, and they certainly got what they wished for. With a little paint and some custom furniture, Monica is able to boost the coziness factor in the couple's awkwardly large master bedroom.

EPISODE five: air brick-and-beam

Keren and her 3-year-old son live in (and occasionally rent out) a unique loft apartment that was a warehouse in its previous life. Monica creates a spacious sanctuary out of Keren's cramped sleeping loft, and makes the elevated space safer for her son. She also finds clever ways to add to Keren's Asian-inspired décor.

EPISODE six: bed & bbq

Jesse and Laura bought a restaurant that came with an old, issue-riddled farmhouse. Not ideal. With a few big projects and a couple easy-breezy ones, Monica helps transform the dining room into a casual, multipurpose space that's truly something to dish about.

EPISODE seven: little kitchen corner

Monica helps first-time homeowner Georgette make the most of her small kitchen and breakfast nook. A little fresh paint, a fabulous backsplash, and a few storage and style tricks make this kitchen tiny but mighty.

EPISODE eight: patterned bath

This week, Monica takes on... Monica? In Episode 8, our hostess finally gets some time to focus on her own master bath. Watch as she chases the boring out with some seriously bold patterns, and creates some additional "getting ready" space to accommodate the whole family.

EPISODE nine: wide open spaces

After 2 years of renovating, Steph and Dan can finally move out of the temporary trailer and into their dream home… but now what to do with all of that open space? In Episode 9 of The Weekender, Monica turns a blank canvas into the bohemian farmhouse the homeowners are looking for.

EPISODE ten: photographer's paradise

Live, work, play. Can it all be done in one space? And with one power tool? Watch Monica take a shot at it for Olivia’s home studio in Episode 10 of The Weekender