East Coast Creative is a digital media company founded in 2011 by Monica Mangin.  With divisions in production, product creation, brand ambassadorship, and direct homeowner DIY resources, we like to think that as long as you're looking for something creative and inspirational, we've got you covered!  

The EC2 Productions division was started in 2015 as a multifaceted production company specializing in unscripted and organically branded content! We love to partner with amazing brands and work with good people.  Got ideas?  Let's Chat! 




Discovered by Nate Berkus and quickly named his "Favorite DIYer" Monica's Guest Appearances on The Nate Berkus Show began a career as a TV host and On Air Expert. Co-Hosting her own design series for ABC for 2 years, Currently serving as the Home Expert on Live! with Kelly, and working as the EP and Host/Designer for The Weekender Makeover series are a few of her favorite professional accomplishments.


Transitioning from being in front of the camera to behind it, Monica's work as a producer and content director has become one of her biggest passions.  After working as Co-EP on HGTV's Sharing Paradise and Creating and Executive Producing the DIY makeover series The Weekender, Monica launched EC2 Productions in fall of 2015.  The Weekender is currently preparing for its 3rd season and EC2 Productions has many other projects premiering in 2017! 


As a designer, Monica prides herself on making amazing style and design accessible for everyone, regardless of location, budget, or ability. Her philosophy of authenticity + attainability have made her one of the leading DIY Interior Designers in the US. Her work has been featured in countless magazines, but she takes the most pride in homeowners that have been personally inspired by her design ideas and tried something in their own homes. 



Constantly trending, never trendy is our approach to social media and the reach/influence that EC2 has. We strive for authenticity on all of our platforms, and love solid, organic collaborations. Monica has been a spokesperson for multiple Fortune 500 companies, but is equally as passionate about working with tiny mom-and-pop businesses as well. Monica is currently the Home + DIY Expert for Live! with Kelly on ABC, Pinterest's East Coast Home Expert, Brand Ambassador form 3M's Command Brand, and the face of Lowe's "The Weekender' campaign.  



Hi! It's me, Monica. I started writing this section in 3rd person, ("Monica and her husband live outside Philadelphia with their 4 kids") but, it just felt too weird and not at all like me. So... this is where I'll tell you a bit about myself for real. I'm a driven girl-boss to the core. It took me a little while to figure that out and be okay accepting the fact that I love to work and create, am never willing to settle, and am always looking for the next challenge, but now I own it -It's who I am!  I'm married to Eric and he's legitimately my perfect match– we aren't your typical lovey-dovey couple, but we encourage each other, support each other, embrace a whole lot of sarcasm, and overall love doing life together! We have 4 kids (Kenzie, Kaden , Kira & Callen) which means we live in controlled chaos! We eat dinner as a family almost every night (except for when I'm traveling– in which case Eric makes his somewhat infamous Rice, Broccoli, and Eggs for dinner.) and overall, we just really enjoy being together. Our oldest just turned 15, so if you check back on this page in a few months, I might have deleted that last sentence– so far these teen years are no joke! Yikes! We have the best extended family that help us manage life with 4 kids, 2 dogs, and 2 professionals with careers- we couldn't do it without their support! Thanks Mom + Dad! So, that's about it–Monica in a nutshell.

Oh wait, No, a few more important things you should know if we're going to work together... 1) Mashed potatoes are my favorite food. 2) I LOVE coffee, even if my coworkers make fun of me and call it "milk"– it's a Latte! 3) My boys are the sweetest and I'm SO thankful to have 2 sons, 4) My girls are Mini-Monica's which means they're strong willed, sassy, and hopefully will do BIG things someday, but raising them might be the end of me! 5) My husband already has my funeral song picked out (Mmm. by Crash Test Dummies) and I love that so much even though it's really weird. It's like the sweetest thing ever in our world.  



Gerry's production background is strong and diverse. He started his career on the hit home reno series Trading Spaces - where he gained invaluable experience learning the ins and outs of a wildly successful show. He's taken that knowledge with him to virtually every aspect of production ever since. Working in NY, LA and Philly - producing, directing, post producing and show running for a variety successful unscripted series such as Moonshiners for Discovery, Tanked on Animal Planet, TLC's Long Island Medium and Fix This Yard for A&E, as well as several series on HGTV, DIY, ABC, E! and Nat Geo. He's also worked extensively in branded content. His background working in so many different genres gives him a unique understanding when collaborating with various talent and production professionals to assemble the best and brightest teams tailored to each specific production's needs.